About BLT

Buffalo Lifting and TestingBuffalo Lifting & Testing, Inc. has over twenty-seven years of experience in the metal fabrication industry with over twenty of those years in the design and fabrication of material handling equipment.  We can design and fabricate pallet lifters, plate and tubular style c-hooks, narrow aisle coil lifters, telescoping lifters, fixed or adjustable hook lifting beams, three and four point lifting beams, lifting tongs, and custom made products.  Our test machine can load test lifting equipment up to two hundred ton and lengths up to forty feet.  Dual hydraulic rams allow the ease of load testing high and low capacity products with very little change in components.  Most custom made products and all standard products are load tested to meet or exceed the 125% load test capacity required by ANSI/ASME B30.20 and BTH-1 standards.  Test certificates are issued for each product made which certifies that the product was inspected, tested, and meets all required standards.  Each product made is painted safety yellow and the rated capacity is clearly stenciled on two sides to meet OSHA requirements.  Buffalo Lifting & Testingaffixes to each product the manufacturers stamped metal nameplate that contains; rated capacity, serial number, model number, year manufactured, and weight of the product.  In addition, the serial number is stamped directly into the product to maintain traceability if the nameplate is damaged or removed.  We have full product liability insurance and offer a one-year limited warranty per our terms and condition of sale.